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  • Inefficient equipment use
  • Overreliance on manual processes


  • Error-prone coordination processes
  • Fragmented data entry across systems


  • Inefficient workflows
  • Heavy delays and large surgical backlogs

Surgical stakeholders are burned out and need a smart platform to automate their workflows



  • Repetitive data entry tasks
  • Manual care coordination
  • Lack of visibility into patient readiness, outcomes and care quality
  • Ad-hoc case plan and communication


  • Frequent, error-prone, manual touch-points with patients & stakeholders
  • Imprecise inventory updates and planning
  • Asynchronous surgical scheduling
  • Inefficient case rebooking
  • Ad-hoc patient tracking


  • Inefficient and time-consuming surgical backlog management
  • Imprecise resource planning and allocation
  • Limited visibility into surgical equipment tracking
  • Inconsistent post-surgical follow-up processes

DocSpera has built a provider-centric platform to eliminate endless busy work for your highly skilled team through its automated, intelligent, and efficient products

Reduce Costs and Increase
Utilization of Expensive Resources

DocSpera is a cloud based surgical coordination platform that
simplifies pre-operative planning and drives operating room


Works in the background with no new steps to your workflow


Eliminates repetitive data entry and care coordination steps


Save time, effort, and resources in every step of the visit



Reduction in






Implant Inventory



Reduction in
Logistics Time

With DocSpera’s real-time updates from a single source of truth, all stages of surgery coordination will be enhanced


Intuitive mobile & web user interface

Uniquely developed to reduce clicks and view aggregated upcoming surgeries and implants

Interoperable with your EMR & PACS

Connect directly to EMR and PACS systems to duplicate data entry and streamline workflows

Simple synchronization beyond the hospital

Deploy across external sites with easy onboarding designed around your existing OR workflow

Secure & HIPAA compliant platform

Safely share images and clinical information with care team members and device reps

AI-powered with data-driven insights

Track your surgical case volumes, optimize capacity utilization, and customize key OR metrics
Connected through DocSpera

Each DocSpera solution is perfectly designed to ease common pain points in the existing workflow

Integrated SurgicalScheduling Nav

Integrated Surgical Scheduling

Coordinate care across multiple sites, teams, and device vendors in real time and reduce operational costs and inefficiencies

Patient Readiness Nav

Patient Readiness and Prioritization

Harness AI to automate readiness and bring cancelled surgeries back on track. View, manage, and automate to optimize case volumes and reduce abandoned OR time

Automated Vendor Synchronization Nav

Automated Vendor Synchronization

Manage vendors to digitize case planning, order implants, improve case preparedness, and reduce admin costs and waste at no cost to providers

Analytics Nav

Analytics & Insights

Monitor and improve operational metrics, patient outcomes, reduce costs, and gain a holistic view of patient care

Fully automated workflow with no new steps leaves more time for value added work

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Robert E. Mayle, Jr MD

Robert E. Mayle, Jr MD

California Pacific Orthopaedics (CPOSM)

“...Dr. Mayle saves time, reduces redundant work and errors using DocSpera at California Pacific Orthopaedics (CPOSM)....”
Christopher Donaldson, MD

Christopher Donaldson, MD

Western Pennsylvania Orthopedic & Sport Medicine

I do a fair bit of team coverage for athletic teams. Connecting w. the athletic trainers is a breeze, they love the real-time interaction and HIPAA compliance as well... Best under-recognized app on the market to keep busy docs organized. A true hidden gem

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